A diet plan that's designed to match your preferences, lifestyle, & health needs.

  • An easy-to-use flexible meal plan that's designed to your needs & preferences giving greater choice & convenience than other diets.
  • Lifestyle strategies that consider your life situation
  • Personal recommendations from experts to assure your health, safety, and success.
  • An eating guide that makes counting calories a thing of the past & staying on track realistic.


Right-on-Track Diet Program
Support, Motivation, & Expert assistance

Personal Diets apply the most up-to-date diet & nutrition strategies allowing you to reach your goals and stay there - for weight loss & better health.

We know exactly how to help you! Each diet is developed & supported by a caring professional you can trust. 24/7 personal, confidential on-on-one support from real nutrition experts - available to all members. Get help to stay-on-track when you need it most!

A safe, sensible, & proved diet.
Serving you since 1999 / Health on the Net Certified.


And more...

  • Personalized Shopping Lists
  • Simple, step-by-step diet help - conveniently delivered to your home weekly...
    The Weekly Focus gives you 52 weeks of help!
  • "Right-on-Tracker"
  • "Plan-A-Meal"
  • Support Inventory
  • "Weight Loss Library"
  • "Weight Loss Tools"
  • Virtual Trainer
  • Incomparable personal support & advice from dietitians
  • counselors
  • diet pals
  • 1000 page integrated support center is one of the largest online!

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