Is Your Diet Causing Snack Attacks?

Would you like to prevent those snack attacks that prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals? Here’s 3 common mistakes dieters make that lead to overeating and weight gain:

  1. Undereating leads to overeating: People who decide that it’s time to lose weight often go “all-out” and eat so little food in an effort to hurry up and lose that weight that it leads to uncontrollable hunger. When hunger is out of control, so are food choices and that leads to weight gain instead of weight loss.

  2. Poor food planning: Face the food reality! High fat, high sugar, high salt, high calorie foods are out there just waiting for you around every corner. There’s no way to avoid these foods so you must be ready with an alternative or you’ll lose the battle every time! If you take the time to plan ahead and make lower calorie, high nutrition foods available and ready to eat, you won’t be a victim of the corner fast food restaurant or snack machine at work

  3. Failing to eat the right mix of foods: Eating nothing but lots of fat-free, low protein foods during the day can zap your energy quickly and lead to overeating to curb the uncomfortable hunger that naturally develops when the body runs low on fuel (this is the same thing that that happens when you just don’t eat enough total calories). A diet plan that provides a carefully planned mix of quick energy, low calorie foods mixed with higher energy foods that digest more slowly can curb hunger and help your body burn fuel efficiently and smoothly throughout the day. The result is a steady feeling of satisfaction rather than unmanageable hunger.

Why make losing weight harder than it has to be by setting yourself up for snack attacks, overeating and unmanageable hunger? Plan well, eat well and you’ll have a much easier time reaching your weight loss goals safely and successfully.

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