PersonalDiets™ are custom diets better suited to your preferences, health & safety needs

Do you need a more personal diet than Weight Watchers or other diets can give?

A critical step overlooked by most diets online...Simple Diet - Calorie or No Calorie Counting
A critical step in any successful diet is to determine your diet challenges. Before preparing your diet plan we do just that. We look at what you're doing now and determine what needs to change to optimize your diet. This is the first critical step towards making any positive changes, but most diet programs overlook it. That's just one difference between following an "off the shelf" online diet and getting professional nutrition help. Get the "right diet" diet for your needs and an expert support!

Fad diets and automated diets can't help you personally with your needs!
Is a 100% automated "e" type diet really going to help you make the lasting changes you need to make to keep your weight off? Our nutritionists are health care professionals (registered dietitians). Your doctor recommends us because we share their concern for your health, safety and long-term personal success and have shown diet results for their clients time-and-time again.  

Smart Diets

PersonalDiets™ provides you with the quality diet and nutrition support services you seek because we do what works, not just what "sells".
Our health care experts use proven strategies that consider your health, preferences and personal needs. We don't restrict or combine foods unnecessarily, nor do we require you to buy specific foods - or expensive supplements. PersonalDietss allows you to choose foods you prefer (within the context of a healthy diet) and that are typically available at your local grocery store. With help, it's not that hard to eat right! 

The PersonalDiets plans and Right-on-Track(SM) diet program provides you with a what works. See what our clients say!

In 1999 A Personal Dietitian's experts saw a gap in the diet services people offered on the Internet. Since then, we've made online professional diet services accessible, affordable, convenient, and most importantly a safe health solution that gives our clients get the results they need. PersonalDiets program has grown at a rapid pace and are widely recommended by friends and family members, doctors, and nurses, and nutrition and fitness experts.  We've provided more custom diets than anyone - ever!

If you need convenient - personal, professional help you can count on from the diet and nutrition experts your doctor recommends... Registered Dietitians!
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All PersonalDiets plans begin with a "true assessment" of your diet habits.  
From this assessment our dietitian prepares a diet that suits your needs. 

Smart Diets


Personalize your Meal Plan!
Get a meal plan matched to your eating style a personal eating plan (designed to your calorie needs, weight goals and health considerations). 
Besides creating a personal, custom diet that works for you - we provide each member with a diet that fits their needs,  the Dietitian's Recommended Diet, your personal Diet Assessment complete with Personal Recommendations to help you identify the 'key' changes you need to make to optimize your diet and a set of Eating Guidelines to make your diet easier to follow on and offline. Your A Personal Dietitian, diet and diet program are available ongoing, 24/7.  We're here to provide our members ongoing-help and expert support - all included as part of the "Right-on-Track" program! 

Smart Diets  

It makes sense to get diet help and support from the nutrition experts your doctor recommends!
PersonalDietss gets results and go further than other diets as they are more well suited to your needs - are supported by nutrition experts - and offer you more practicality and convenience.     

A Summary of what the PersonalDiets plan includes:

Your flexible meal plan, personal eating plan, personal recommendations, lifestyle strategies, and personal dietitian are available 24/7 with the answers and help you need to reach your diet and health goals. 

  • "Flexible Meal Plan" - Busy people with unpredictable schedules like this plan because it offers virtually unlimited choices and substitutions to the meal plan. That way, you can make last minute changes to your meal plan if your schedule changes, based on your needs that day. That flexibility helps you "stick" to your plan without compromising your work, home and social life just because you're trying to eat better.

  • A practical "Eating Guide", along with the "Right-on-Tracker", is designed so that you know exactly what to eat in any eating situation - and keep you right on track. With our help, you can eat anywhere & anytime and know exactly what and how much to eat! 

  • The personal Lifestyle Strategies you get gives you specific goals for each type of food and helps you adapt your eating plan to your lifestyle. The makes your plan "workable" by offering specific solutions to your personal challenges.

  • "Personal Recommendations" 39 simple - easy to apply - practical suggestions - based on what you're doing now and what will have the greatest impact on your diet. This helps identify your diet priorities.  

  • Right-on-Track(SM) -  A comprehensive diet program


Is the PersonalDiets program right for you?  
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Proven Diets
Developed to your needs by the diet& nutrition experts your doctor recommends.  
Try a PersonalDiets today: Recipe, Convenience or Combination Diets for the following:

Weight Loss Diet  
Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Vegetarian Diets  
Healthy Diet
High Blood Pressure Diet
Heart Healthy Diet
Low Fat Diet
Diabetic Diets
Triglyceride Lowering Diets
Nursing Diets
Low Sodium Diet
Dairy Free Diet
Lactose Free Diet
Low Calorie Diet


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