Diet Decisions Made Easy

How many diets have you tried? 

Why didn't they work for you in the long run?

Want to get off the diet treadmill and just live a normal life that doesn't revolve around dieting?

Your weight loss success depends on the decisions you  make each and every day when it comes to food choices. You own these decisions and the results. Besides your physical activity, when, what, and how much you eat determine whether or not you're in a calorie-deficit state, which is what causes your body to burn fat and drop those extra pounds. Unfortunately most solutions offered by the diet industry don't help you make those decisions wisely. Most weight loss diets control these factors for you. Two popular ways to do this is to restrict your intake of food by limiting entire foods and food groups (like just eating cabbage soup or by eliminating carbohydrates or fats) or by limiting your meals to a diet company's own brand of packaged foods.

The reason PersonalDietss doesn't use these approaches is because restricting food groups or eating pre-packaged foods, supplements, or shakes is just a short term solution that oversimplifies the challenge of healthy weight control. Weight loss is pretty easy at first, but it will be like being stuck in a revolving door until you get a new plan, a new lifestyle, and new choices that you make yourself, each and every day in the real world of eating.

At A Personal Dietitian (aka PersonalDiets), we're going to give you a personal plan that gives you the key elements to getting control of your weight. We make a



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