Fad Diets
Why many diets don't works

Dietitians understand the challenges you face and which diet works best for your needs.
Since our nutrition expert matches each PersonalDiets to your eating preferences, lifestyle, health, and activity level, Personal Dietitian gives you a flexible diet plan that you can live with!

Many online diets are no more than fad diets that are 100% automated!  After you join most of these programs you not only receive an automated diet but you are on your own.  This offers you little more than you knew before you joined besides a meal plan.

The PersonalDiets is what most dieters need. Besides a PersonalDiets developed specific to your needs, in accordance with your health and diet goals are experts also provide you a flexible meal plan which suits your tastes and preferences,  a professional's diet assessment & recommendations,  along with diet strategies designed for your particular lifestyle - also personally developed by a dietitian for your needs.  

Each personal diet comes complete with expert support (included in the cost of our service) and offers you both online community and additional professional support services: with over 1000 pages our diet center is one of the largest diet centers online; in addition our Right-on-Track™ Weight Loss Program makes your diet doable.

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