Do Free Diets work?

If you are looking for long term success a free diet will not likely be in your best interest.  You can lose weight on any diet, just eat fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its present weight and/or burn more calories than your body needs to maintain weight through exercise.  The main problem with most diets initiated by those who don't know what they are doing is that they often lead to a "yo-yo" dieting (also called diet cycling)

Losing weight is never the issue when it comes to diets- Keeping the weight off is!
(Our diets are designed to help you achieve your long term goals not just your short term goal to lose weight but your long term goal to keep it off!)

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Are FREE Diets really in your best interests?

While we are sure we can make a difference in your weight loss outcome, we want to warn you about free diets.  

  1. If a diet is free, are you truly getting the help your diet requires? Without charging for it, any party supplying you a diet is probably not devoting adequate time, or for that matter any time to truly help you.

  2. Weight loss professionals (esp. Dietitians) make their living providing well thought out personalized diet services and nutrition advice - scientifically proven by practice.  As professionals, they not only deserve to be paid for their time and work but without your could not devote the necessary time to your needs if they were not. 

    It's a two way street....
    When you purchase a diet from a professional they can afford to devote time to help you  achieve your particular goals.  
    You get something of value, and the professional is compensated for the time they devote to your needs!

If you want to be assured of real help with your diet that addresses your needs and offers you consistent rewards you'll be better off working with the diet and nutrition experts: consulting dietitian.  While they charge fees - you get a diet plan, support and results you can count on. Don't gamble your health and weight in the hands of someone with far less skills esp. when help is only a click away.  Experts have fees for good reasons! Dietitians have devoted a large part of their life to training as diet and nutrition experts. They spend a great deal of energy to help others. This assures that you get something worthwhile - something you can count on!

Personal-Diets (via the A Personal Dietitian Company) have the resources you need so that you can achieve your diet goals with far less difficulties .  Our free professional resources and tools are always available online and are included with the PersonalDiets Plan.

Do-it-yourself with a Personal-Diet or get the full support you need. Get daily and weekly support at A Personal Dietitian!
Get professional help - support - and a diet plan that help you achieve your goals and maintains your outcome for the long term. 

Caution: When choosing diet and diet support be sure that you access a non-automated service.  Many programs offer non professional support and worse yet they supply you with automated diets you could have easily gotten out of any book.  Personal Dietitian's Diet Program gives you the personalized diet you need and equally important - it gives you the personal - professional - proven support too! Why get a diet that offers you nothing more than a "one-size-fits-all" diet - developed from an online database.  If this is the level of help you are looking for you can find the same in your local library or bookstore.  Personal help and personalized diets do not come from databases. You can only get this level of help from experts!  


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