A Diet designed to your needs!

Can I still eat in restaurants?  Will I still be able to eat snacks?
Yes, we expect it! Your program is designed realistically and therefore allows you choice.  The diet plan designed for you allows for normal foods that you eat daily. The dietitian's diet plan gives you the "right information" and realistically expects that you'll go out to eat at times.  You make the choices but your plan guides you to make informed decisions so that you know what to eat every step of the way.  While every diet requires that you make some changes, you'll find that personal diets don't place unrealistic restrictions on the foods you eat - it's designed to be a realistic and flexible plan, and that makes it very effective.

Can my family eat my meal plan?  Definitely!  
The PersonalDiets Plan designed for you does not require that you eat unusual foods, restrict you from eating particular food groups, or restrict the times that you eat.  It is well established that eating a variety of foods helps to ensure proper nutrition - this is especially important when losing weight. Each program is individually designed and all programs will vary.

Do I have to exercise?
No. Do we recommend it? Absolutely. To lose weight, it's very evident that both exercising and reducing calories are key factors and leads to the best results. A Personal Dietitian realizes that not everyone can exercise or wants to, and therefore we design each diet and nutrition program to suit your level of activity.  Whether you're sedentary, lead a busy life, are very athletic or have a physically demanding job, we'll consider just how many calories fit your particular needs.

Are there pills or products to buy?
The PersonalDiets does not require that you purchase pills or other products.  It is a custom diet plan designed by an expert for your personal needs and is both complete and very thorough. There should be no need for another diet or any other diet products.

What makes the PersonalDiets Plan a Simple Diet?
Originally developed for those needing healthy diets (diabetics and those with other chronic illnesses), the exchange diet system used in your PersonalDiets has been customized for those seeking a simpler diet. Each diet is a completely balanced diet. It is both sensible and designed to fit your lifestyle and eating preferences so it many find it quite easy to follow for long periods of time - because of its flexibility. 

The exchange system allows you to easily monitor what and how much you eat so that you get the right balance of foods whether you want to lose weight or simply eat well to optimize your health. Rather than counting calories, portion sizes and the types of foods to choose are planned so that protein, fat, and carbohydrate calories stay in proper balance. 

This is a simple & flexible diet plan that anyone can use whether they want to lose weight, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or have other diet needs. Our plans make it much easier to plan and prepare meals for other household members too. Your diet doesn't require special foods or supplements - eat like anyone else who wants to eat well! 



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