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About Weight Watchers 
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Daily Points System, balanced nutrition

Foods You Eat on this Diet:
Eat within your calorie needs using a counting system for each food of your choosing.
Weight Watchers is based upon weekly support group motivation and their own point system to keep calories in check.

Can you keep it off on the Weight Watchers diet?
Weight Watchers program encourages healthy food choices and addresses lifestyle changes needed for long term weight control. Specific data on their members long term success is not available, but their program is designed for healthy weight management. 

Positives: Support group and weekly weigh-ins provide motivation for those who need group support. Meetings are widely available. Diet is well balanced and no special foods or formulas are required.

Translating non Weight Watcher foods to their point system is more challenging than exchange plans since their point system is not used outside of their program.
Program costs may be considered high for cost conscious dieters.

Safety and Health Issues
This diet is safe and promotes healthy eating habits and manageable weight loss.

Highly recommended for those who want a group support system.

Our Dietitians comments about the Weight Watchers Diet
This diet program has stood the test of time and for those who appreciate group support and peer pressure, it can be a benefit to attend meetings. Their new focus is to provide more self-management tools to diet successfully, which should help people learn how to keep their weight off in the long run.

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