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"I am the cook at home, but I don't cook often because of work schedule. I am trying to get tothe gym more often. My work schedule interferes with the gym.  What is the required amount of gym time needed to reach my goal? I do lift weights when I goto the gym. I'm in the (removed) fit program which is a weight lifting program for middle age adults like myself. I just learned about my elevated cholesterol. Please help me with getting it lower. I don't want to take medication. My doctor advised me to diet to lower it and to come back to her in two months, I hope that you can help me. Thanks!!!"

Hi: Weight loss and eating the right foods will help with lowering cholesterol - sometimes it's enough to avoid medication. Your diet plan (a PersonalDiets designed to her needs) does focus on avoiding saturated fats, trans fats, and keeps the total fat content low in the diet which is a heart healthy way of eating. You'll see that the types of animal foods you need to choose are lean and the dairy products should be nonfat or very low fat. This greatly reduces saturated fat which contributes to high LDL levels. But there are other things about your diet that can help as well: eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for the antioxidants, eating seafood and fish for the omega-3 fats which help reduce inflammatory response and make platelets less sticky in the blood, as well as choosing high nutrition, high fiber carbohydrates will also make a difference. Last, eating at the calorie level you are given will cause the weight loss. Do these things and even if you have to take medication, you'll be maximizing your diet so that perhaps you'll need less medication if and when you have to take it. I hope this helps - of course it's a big concern to have a health risk like this, but there is  much you can do so feel good about that!

Carolyn Classick-Kohn, MS, RD, CFT  

"I'm eating a vegetarian diet because both my friend and doctor said this would be a good solution for my diet.   I can't seem to develop a balanced nutrition plan though - HELP!

A vegetarian or vegan diet can be a very healthy way to eat, but these diets aren't any better for health unless they include a wide variety of high nutrition foods!

Carolyn Classick-Kohn, MS, RD, CFT


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