Post Pregnancy Diet

Are you a new mom eager to lose those extra pounds?

While you were pregnant, you gained weight so that your baby would develop, but you probably gained some extra body fat in the process. This natural process helps new mothers have a source of stored energy to meet the high energy needs for breastfeeding. But if you are bottle feeding your baby instead of breast feeding, you'll need another way to burn off the post-pregnancy fat. Depending upon your current health and your own abilities, the best strategy to lose fat is to combine physical activity and a healthy diet plan based on a (moderate) reduction in calories. Your diet should take your health needs and your individual calorie needs at your current weight into consideration. Your food choices need to be balanced with high nutrition foods that give you the energy you need for yourself and your new family member and get you through those sleepless nights! 




Healthy Diets for your needs!
Post Pregnancy - Custom Diets

If you need a post-pregnancy diet please visit our healthy diet site at A Personal Dietitian.  

Personal Dietitian's Director of Nutrition & Chief Dietician, Carolyn Classick-Kohn, MS, RD, CFT and 
several of our consulting dietitians designs and support those needing
post-pregnancy diets.



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