Weight Loss Diets

Most people go "on" or "off" their diet.
This is because many weight loss diets are so restrictive that you have to go "off" your diet just to have a normal life! And sometimes diets that restrict a lot of foods (like low carbohydrate diets, "shake" diets, etc.) can set you up for failure because they just aren't realistic in the long term. So what's the alternative?

Diets - for Weight Loss & Wellbeing

The alternative to chasing the latest diet fad is to change the way you eat, once and for all
Healthy weight control is a result of learning to choose well in all eating situations and to be comfortable and confident in your own ability to make your own food decisions. Instead of eliminating food groups or restricting your food choices to the point where you just can't eat with your friends and family anymore, a good diet plan helps you work through everyday food choices, with real foods.

A Personal Dietitian's PersonalDiets gives you a structured plan that is designed to help stay on target with your weight goals. Your diet plan is designed to do everything that's right with your diet all at once - you just need to follow it. But the real difference is that we help you make eating better a new habit for you. We do this by breaking your diet goals into smaller, manageable parts. So, while you're following a healthy, balanced eating plan that helps you reach your target weight, you get a specific goal or habit to focus on each week that helps you identify your own personal habits that you need to change. You'll begin to understand why your diet is balanced the way it is, why we ask you to choose certain foods over others, and how you can make your own choices once you've reached your target weight so that you won't need to catch the next diet wave! Changing the way you eat and finding your way to a new eating lifestyle is a process that happens over time, with practice. You'll find that your current eating has a pattern to it that has led to weight gain - maybe it's just one or two things that need to change, but it takes focus and a plan to help identify it. The alternative to dieting is to eat well, choose well, and develop a new pattern in your eating that will get you to the results you want.

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