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Summary of the Personal Diet Weight Loss Program
Personal Diet's Weight Loss Program


Summary details of the Personal Diet

Each Personal Diet is designed to fit your health & lifestyle   
a) Eating Guidelines to simplify dieting offline 

b) Flexible Meal Plans

c) Lifestyle Strategies

d )And its designed to your safety & healthy need too!

The convenient weight Loss program also includes:

  1. Get interactive online support from your dietitian
    Right-on-Track 'Weekly Focus' Weight Loss Support
  2. Lose Weight & Eat just like everyone else!
    Over 250 Recipes & 200 Convenience Foods, Snacks,etc
    Would you like to eat "just like everyone else" and reach your weight goal? 
    Your Personal Diet Plan is based on real, everyday foods that you can get from your grocery store, 
    and includes convenience foods and restaurant meals. Our healthy recipes and meal planning ideas 
    (using recipes, convenience foods, or restaurant meals) offer healthy choices from real foods - 
    no need to buy special diet meals or expensive supplements. 
    Your Personal Diet Plan includes a sample meal plan that is designed to your diet needs (heart healthy, 
    vegetarian, lactose free, etc.) that gives you a simple way to get started. 
    Your meal plan is very flexible: it allows you to substitute for each food so that you can have both flexibility 
    and a healthy, balanced diet at the same time. Need extra help making choices- ask our experts and get it!
  3. Online Convenience like no other diet program
    Get the Online Diet, Meal Plan & Weight Loss Diet Support assistance you need from an expert! Access a registered dietitian - licensed or staff counselors - Get a health care professional's help, 'key' diet strategies & tips or extra help as needed. Contact your dietitian online any time of day or night (24/7, 365).  Get extra support you from the privacy & convenience of your home or office.

  4. Get Fit Diet Tools/VideosA weight loss program & online fitness tools
    Can't get to the gym? Want to exercise in the privacy of your home or office? Exercises for: Flattening your stomach Tightening your buttocks Toning hips & leg areas  Building chest,  Cardio & more


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Frequently Asked Questions 

How soon can you get started with your weight loss program?   Immediately!  
As soon as the order is completed you are given your user-name and password and access to the weight loss program.  You will be given 'Instant-Access' & will get started right away.  Following your order you are given a simple diet survey.

Q. I've never bought anything online before. What happens? Can I make an error? Not really - any problems you have, Personal Dietitian's customer service support staff will gladly help you with. Our professionals & support staff our committed to your satisfaction and success. 

Q. If I order will I receive Spam or any unsolicited emails? NO, we do not obtain email or any personal information for such marketing purposes. We're here to help!

Q. Who designs the diets?  I want the "right diet" Are these experts? MOST DEFINITELY!
The Personal Diet designed for you is designed by the recognized diet and nutrition experts.  A registered dietitian with over 16 years experience will provide you the personal recommendations, lifestyle strategies, flexible meal plan and eating guidelines you need - these make up the diet portion of your total weight loss program - there's more.  

Q. What experience does the professional have? Can she develop a diet for my health - as well as for my needs for weight loss? Our expert- a weight loss consultant has relevant experience ranging from helping those who have been seriously obese, with heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes - to those who have simply needed to lose 5-50 pounds with no health issues.  Recommended by doctors, nutritionist and thousands of other throughout the USA, CANADA and OVERSEAS our expert has a proven track record of success.  

For comments on the weight loss program, click Finally, Diet Success!

Q. Can I still lose weight on this diet if I don't exercise?

You bet. Whether you exercise or not you will lose weight on this diet.  Calories are determined by our expert. We want you to reduce weight efficiently (burn fat not muscle), that's just one reason why a health care professional (registered dietitian) oversees development of your diet and choose the right plan for your needs. Exercise is important for any diet and should be engaged in when and if possible!

Q. I am lactose intolerant. Can I still follow this diet?
Yes. No problem! Although milk products are included in the diet, simply use any low-fat or fat-free non-dairy substitutes as listed in the diet.

Q. What happens if I have questions or need further advice?
No problem! Simply use Ask Your Dietitian Contact link or Customer Support link provided in the member's only area.

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