Self Help or Expert Weight Loss Support?

We've all been barraged by the diet and weight loss companies competing for our diet dollars.  Weight loss solutions range from incredibly ridiculous, ineffective and dangerous to professional, well founded weight loss programs both on and offline. Many of us would prefer to just go it alone rather than sift through the countless programs and resources that claim to offer the most recent technology and support for our weight loss woes.

While it's possible to lose weight ourselves, it's common to experience a "yo-yo" effect (also called diet cycling), where just as soon as we take off the weight, we gain it all back.  Experts clearly point out that it's not that hard to lose weight - the challenge is to keep it off by learning to change our "eating lifestyle".   Both in my personal life and vocationally Iíve defended the cause of self-help and this is one reason why offers links to so many self-help diet sites. While I recognize the need for each of us to take charge of our lives (including our eating lifestyle and diet) I also believe we need to recognize and accept when we've reached our abilities and limits and could use some real help from others. 


Dr. Phil on OPRAH noted what he believed to be the 
problem of many trying to lose weight...

'Some of us eat to live while others of us live to eat

weight loss help

It's important that you know how you feel about food and eating.
Do you...

Eat to live? -  Do you eat food to satisfy your survival and energy needs?  


Do you 'live to eat'? - do you eat food not just out of hunger (and some pleasure), but out of a need to fill an emotional void or as a way to cope with other issues in your life? 

Most of us fall somewhere between the two extremes, but if you "use" food to solve emotional issues, then it's probably time to seek some help with this!  Even the best self-help diet plan or self-help weight loss program will not be enough by itself in the long run unless the underlying emotional issues are dealt with as well.

What are some of the other clues that we need professional help?

1. We feel there are no options that give us what we need or want and find ourselves continuing down the same path or "rut". We resign ourselves to living with our weight or diet problems and our unhappiness with the situation.

2. Despite the time we've spent trying self-help books, audio-tapes, workshops and the motivation we've sought and the insight they bring, our difficulties persist and cycle back with greater intensity.

When you invest in a diet program, consider whether what is offered matches your needs. Most of us need a solid, well designed diet plan that teaches new eating behaviors and choices and offers support and motivation to be successful long-term - not just a quick fix. And, there are some who need some extra help from professional from registered dietitian and counselors who specialize in the area we need help with t
o get to the root causes of their weight problem. Look for programs that best fit your needs and you'll increase your chances of reaching your personal goals.  

Should you seek an expert's help with your diet? See what we offer? 

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